"Thanks to a little band called Slipknot, Iowa is never short of any metal bands, but sometimes it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. Devour Once Dead does just that.

The band has it all. Growling, demonic vocals? Check. Killer guitar work? Check. Terrifying props and visuals that you pretend to not be fazed by but really you have nightmares of them after every show? Check!

The guys in Devour Once Dead go above what is called for to please (and scare) their fans, which is probably why the group snagged the title of “Best Local Metal Band” in this year’s (2017) Siouxland’s Choice Awards."


- C. Braunschweig, The Weekender -


Formed in 2009, we are a band that gives no fucks. our live shows are aggressive and visually horrifying. We play heavy and original metal. We do not copy or mimic any certain style of heavy music, but are influenced by all of it. We do what we do and make no apologies, and our fans love us for it. Loud, nasty, dirty, horror metal!


Devour Once Dead is:

Vince Conway - Vocals

Chris Dolphin - Lead Guitar 

Jason Verbeski -Rhythm Guitar

Nick Goodwin - Drums

Sarah Beltz-Bass


For booking:    devouroncedead@gmail.com